i have the misfortune to deliver beer to this quaint english market town! the residents here take great delight in watching other people work and passing comment on how to do it.bearing in mind 30%of the poulation has needles attached to their arms,another 30% has walking sticks attached to there arms,so nobody works,this used to really piss me off til i realised that by holding up a bar of soap said watchers vanished in seconds.ah yes worksop.if you are female,16 and havnt got 3 kids you are called a lesbian,if you are male 16,have a job,dont take drugs you are a *****.Yes stand on the high street and watch the flotsam&jetsom sweep there unwashed shell suits stolen from one of the numerous charity shops that adorn this delightfull town! watch the silent minority (the ones that wash)heads down muttering it was never like this when robin hood was a live.Yes a town not to be missed (preferably by a atom bomb)

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