Workington, West Cumbria

CumbriaNorth West

Simply the most **** place i have ever been to. Firstly there are skip loads of young teenage mothers, aka Kappa ******** for their love of Kappa branded clothing. They are unable to afford such brands as burberry and there aren’t any shops in Workington that actually sell such designer names.
Secondly their brandy swilling, dorchester superking smoking, burberry cap and mobile phone wearing round their necks on a piece of glorified string wearing, H reg Fiesta XR2i boy racer boyfriends/fuckbuddies/(and therefore fathers of their sprogs, although they aren’t clever enough to work this out).
Thirdly, they have the nastiest regional accent/language that has ever been heard.
They usually hang out in bus shelters (if they haven’t knocked it down), the park with all the used needles (classy!), or outside the booze buster trying to get unsuspecting members of the public to buy them bottles of 20/20, white lightning etc or packets of nasty ****.
Needless to say, you really need to visit to experience the true glamour and style that is Workington

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Top 50 worst places to live in England 2021

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