working class versus *****

Reading articles about “new snobbery” in the broadsheets over the last few weeks,  has left me profoundly pissed off.  Apparently all **** haters, are daily mail reading excolonels, or aristocrats.  Whats even more offensive is the view that  all working class people are *****, and need to be protected, from their beastly betters, being rude to them.

Well I’m working class, and not a ****, infact I loath them.  Look on your streets in the evening, and see how many people there are returning from work, who aren’t in sports gear, and low grade argos jewlery.  These people are the working class, and are not *****.  Surprise, surprise, we benerally read, care about what happens in the world, quite a few of us goto university.

The question really is, what is a **** ?  A while ago the gouvernment leaked the official term, NEET (not in employment, education, or training).  That is a person who despite being of an age, and most likely a level of fitness to be working, or at least learning how to work, chooses not to. Being a **** is all about not trying, and not caring.  I was working late one weekday, and happened to chance upon the open sewer that is the Jeremy Kyle show.  One low browed neanderthal being interviewed, when asked what he did for a living, said he recieved a fourtnightly giro.  Nobody seemed bothered that this living, grunting, **** considered draining off the state a job.

How grim is your Postcode?

It’s the same with ASBOs, the anguished, middleclass left hate them.  Statistically the poor misfortunates, who live on the same streets, with the impoverished, underclass mob, love them. 

We need to retake working class pride, and demand the right to chase these worthless burberry clad apes, off our streets.  Let them live in West Hampstead, or Hebdon Bridge, amongst the chattering classes who seem to love them so much.

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