South London

Woolwich boys aren’t really that ****, infact they are more rude boy wannabe gangstas. However the girls maintain the hooped earing tracksuit wearing stereotype. Woolwich, SE18 is according to BBC london news britains poorest postcode with the most single mothers per head of anywhere in britain.

Woolwich has a 6 day a week market, sunday car boot sale and endless pound shops. The buses are always packed because no-one can afford a car(this is how it is where ever you go in london aka **** city). All the accomodation in the are is council flats, high rise and low rise, an endless stream of council flats.

Most people in woolwich go to schools in Welling (Bexley London Borough) and when they want a more up market shop they make their way to Bexleyheath, Bluewater or even Lewsiham.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2020