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Ah, woolston, what a delightful s******e, i have the honour and privilage of being educated here. after 3 weeks i have decided that woolston definately isnt the place to be. The local chav society (the woolston boys) are a group of “people” i am yet to encounter, i have looked in the usual chav spots, i.e. the co-op, the job centre and the train station, however, the woolston chav seems to not like hanging around in groups. the few times i have seen these spotty little twats is when they throw objects at the local wildlife, loot the burger van and annoy the local tramp ( who can be seen regularly serenading the high street with the hit “i predict a riot”). they have also been done for playing football infront of a sign saying “no ball games”. it is a sure sign of a s******e when you go to college with retards from st. marys, lordshill, hythe and even a polish immigrant. long live the woolston tramp, peace out.

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