Wolverhampton is ****

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Wolverhampton was voted 5th worst city in the world by the Lonely Planet guide which I think was being far to generous.

Wolverhampton is kinda like a sinking camper-van wedged into a sewage outlet, there is **** everywhere and its sinking fast. I think most people would agree that Wolverhampton makes death seems like a fun and happening activity, compared to the dreary reality of having to live in the stagnant **** hole.

Wolverhampton is not all that bad especially if your a **** or part of the multicultural mixing pot of failure and contempt,  its even a better place for those who simply don’t care if they wallow in their own muck of which they are plenty.  White folk should probably run for the hills and lock their doors as certain places are no go areas especially at night, unless you want to die never walk home alone at night.( If living here you probably want too, die that is.)

How grim is your Postcode?

So my advice is if you ever get the option to move here you should first buy a gun(of which they are plenty, especially birmingham) and then proceed to shoot your self in the head, this would be a more pleasurable experience than having to spending even one day here.

If you cant afford nor find a gun ( Id be shocked if you cant) then Id simply walk into scotland’s late at night waveing any kind of cheap mobile phone you have available. This will attract all those undesirable`s like fly`s to **** in no time, hopefully figures crossed they will shoot or stab you for your troubles. If all else fails, you could always throw your self in front of a car, not that any of the locals would notice as half of them cant even drive nor pay any attention to the road.

I guess the main message of my post is :


Oh yeah Wolverhampton sucks so much it even has its own website, yay.


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