The quintessential trio of south Manchester suburbs have their own band of *****. Ok so admittedly the three areas are leafy Victorian suburbs but the far flung fingers of Chavness have gripped it by the throat. The streets are invaded by gangs of sad indidviduals that fit the criteria of chavness and the nice places they once were are now ruined by the lowest of the low.

The council estates with thier ****** residents have found a new playgorund. Merseywank, Hell Lane and ‘Withiton’ have had thier barriers burst and the hitherland is now hoast to car-theives and muggers ecetera. Now, there is no need to document the attire of these people because its so cliched its retorical. I listen to them people talking on the bus ( top of the back deck) and think ‘dont you have no shame?’. The only shame is that the **** that are ***** have roosted and think they are here to stay.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2020