Winton salford manchester

Greater ManchesterNorth West

Ive got to say i have been living in this area of manchester for 3 years now and omg its full of c**v s**m, they walk around with there beanie hats or hoodies on with a can of skol and fag at about 10 am the c**v girls walk around with their hair tied back so tight they look like their eyes are going to pop out of thier heads they have the typical c**v large earrings in and trackies and trainners, night or day they walk the streets of winton estate in big groups smashing windows cars burning inoccent peoples property, these lil sods ride around on their mini motor bikes at all hours of the day and nite and think its bloody kool to have a staffy dog with them that s***s in everyones garden or all over the path you cant go a meter down the streets without missing one of the c***s empty cans or dog crap, friday nites are the best they hang around winton fish n chip shop and drink their cheap beer and then decided its a good idea to throw up inder the motorway bridge so people walking thier kids to skool the next day have to see and smell it these lil chavscums all need shooting down and locking up they are driving this place mad and its a total utter mess!

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