Wincanton / Winky / Wincy!

Well well what to say?! Wincanton is a lovely little town with loads of hsitory, but who cares! It’s full of ***** yay! They are the normal common breed, males shagging 14 year olds with hips sagging over their two sizes too small belts and massive hoopy earrings to attract your common male ****. They like to drive up and down the high street throwing beer cans, and even more popular is driving past the secondary school where they can perve on and pick up their fat ugly spotty greasy 12 year old girlfriends who are just sneaking out for a quick rizzler cus theyre “well cool innit”. After shagging their twunty little mingers and creating some sprogs they enjoy a night getting pissed up at PEGO’s, or the pegasus club (above the white horse) where they can dance to ****** music and pull more 12 year olds who only got in cus they showed the bouncer some tissue stuffed cleavage. After getting sozzled they can be seen all congregating outside the kebabby, who do a roaring trade its got to be said, and start fights or compare cars and girlfriends and the ***** on their heads. If they’re feeling really bored they might drive to yeovil/castle cary/bruton or sherborne to start on or bum some rival ***** or *********. But lets be honest, theyre just living out their puny insignificant lives. I just dont want to see them do it. ****. Innit.

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