South West

Wimborne- a quiet small town for the good old hard people…HARDLY!! Every saturday night the ****’s come out from their little hiding places and fill the little town. The oh so not desirable skivs are dressed in their usual trakie/shell suits along with the classic fake burberry hats as they can’t afford the real McCoy. As the group of fourteen year olds led by a fat **** who goes by the name as PERV, due to his previous attempts of ****, try and get served in the good old safeways it soon becomes apparent that they look as old as new born child! They then pay some adult to buy their booze then go and sit behind buildings drinking their 2 quid bottle of cider. After fulfilling their dreams of being ‘lads’ they then go and look for trouble. They for some reason enjoy walking around and following people to intimidate them and yell completely pathetic chants.
If that doesn’t make you cringe then the fact that they leave the town once they get bored for more trouble should get you started! They walk on up to Canford school which is a public school in canford magna to try and pick on the rich kids! They walk around teh school wishing what it would be like to have more than a fiver in their ‘von ****’ pockets. Once getting bored the usual name calling game, which i gave up after turning 3, becomes a top game for the wonderful crew! Eventually, they are rounded up by the security guards and hopefully have the **** beaten out of them!
If that isn’t enough Wimborne also has the older generation of *****, the ‘have-beens’! They are branded with gold ear rings and gold rings and usually have a builder’s **** on show! They fill the pubs such as the cricketrs arms and the pudding a pye!
Favourite hang outs for the little poor *****: The cricketers, The pudding and pye and under the bridge of the river stour! SO next time ou think Wimborne is a retirement home for the elderly think twice before going there!

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