Wiltshire Towns (Wootton Basset, Calne and Chippenham)

South WestWiltshire

Wiltshire is a beautiful place with many lovey villages and towns, but unfortunatley some of these are chavtastic. Wootton Basset, Calne and Chippenham are the places to avoid. These three suffer from the usual type of ****** behaviour that we have come to expect, boy racers Vauxhall Corsa/Subaru Impretzas, drunken kids etc. I visited friends in Wootton Bassett and took my kids to the local play park it had CCTV, I have only seen this before in large cities, I was told that this is due to the ****** kids drinking booze. I was also told the town has won the title of inbread capital of Wiltshire,  its also where all the people who cant afford to live in swindon buy houses.

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