Living in Wilinton & Sunnybrow
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Durham

Willington is a bleak sh*thole somewhere in county Durham. Times are tough here and this can be seen on a daily basis in the many pubs that line the main street with dole wallers sat at the bar drinking their many pints.

Willington gets a bad name from its neighbouring village/suberb Sunnybrow where youths roam the street day and night looking for someone to buy them tabs and go to sunnybrow shop for them. People struggle to pay the rent here, as seen from the locally known house that has “this house is landlocked” spray painted all over the property. They struggle on a day to day basis,trying to make ends meet by doing what they can *coughs* DOLE.

Most people are unsure about what contraception is here and the average amount of children is 9. Baby faced mothers from the village usually have an average age of 14. The dress code here like most chavvy places is females wear lipsy tracksuits and males wear sports branded gear, usually addidas tracksuit bottoms and nike air max which are common. Gypsy wannabes walk round with their speakers at full blast playing their shitty DJ and MC tunes that is supposed to be “music” although all anyone else hears is noise.

Overall life is good in some places (meaning very little) if you cross a line in sunnybrow your f*cked and will be either stabbed or robbed or as the local youths would say “choffed (stolen) ya money lad in a bit”

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  • Steve

    I would love to meet the person behind this post and make them aware of my situation as I live in Sunnybrow and my Wife and I work full time, we have 2 children(one of which holds a full time job) the other a well educated young lady. The people that bring down the area are the ones who write this garbage and dont have a clue. Would you rather live in Horden, Shotton Colliery, Chilton or Coundon Grange etc. I will be happy to talk to you any time.

    • AndyCook

      Hi Steve. My Family come from the area. It’s produced some good people over the decades. We might have moved away but our heritage and humanity stem from the area. Mum was born in Willington (Annie Venn. she’s 81 now). She was RAF and Dad who died this June (2016) was also RAF. 22 Years. He trained in counter espionage and was a bodyguard. He sometimes worked on the other side of the cold war boarder into the Soviet Union (scary times) and we travelled all over the world. My Uncle Ken and Aunty Madge lived in Sunnybrow when their home at Hunwick was demolished (Helmington Hall Cottages) and my other Uncles and Aunties lived nearby. My Cousins still live somewhere around. They all work. I have happy memories of the area and know there are still good people who don’t deserve to be labelled by one person who hides safely behind anonymity like a troll. Abusing people online because it’s safe to do it from a keyboard. Trolling like a road rage wimp making angry noises from their sad little computers. making social comment after looking out their living room window or from driveway to supermarket without actually socialising with people face to face on the street (getting to know folk). These self important, self appointed little moralists are what makes an area decline. They hide and moan instead of being part of the community making a difference. My Grandma and Grandad and people like you Steve (who have made a difference) make the history and heritage of an area something to be proud of. The area might have it’s problems but everywhere does. You can hate your own country if you like mr anonymous but where it gonna get you? and what good have you done with your rant?