willenhall – land of the ****!!!!

West MidlandsWest Midlands

Well what can I say about sunny Willenhall, caught between the **** magnets of Walsall and Wolverhampton is the breeding ground for some of the chavvest **** you could ever wish to meet.If you go to the town centre post office any monday morning and you will see some of the biggest gold hoops you have ever seen, in fact i dont know why they just dont sit their many kids on these earrings and use them part time as swings, their hard faces and tantastic tans (some weird orange colour that no one on earth ever goes) are the usual uniform, it seems that they bring their chavlings out into public just to swear at them and slap them around, you can always tell a **** kid, the females have their ears pierced whilst still in the womb, and the boys have that slab featured lantern jawed neandertholic stare that only could exist thanks to bad nutrition ( these parents think that Mcdonalds is a healthy choice)I suppose it is when your too thick to switch on an oven.

You can spot the mothers by their lardy arses and too tight lycra leggings which seem to show every dent and ripple of their flabby obese bodies, why they need to do it is beyond me. Do they have no freinds, family or mirrors in their homes? Ladies if you are reading this PLEASE cover that **** up! The men can always be found outside the post office where the **** can be seen waiting for his latest kids child benefit. (needed to keep them in benson and hedges and skunk!) The men are usually resplendent in adidas and nike (imagination is not their strong point) The adults are dripping in gold (ARGOS obviously!) while their kids have snot running from their nose and no warm coat. If these people(and i use that term loosely) were intelligence tested their IQ would be found on the binary scale. Their young children run the streets because if little charnelique is in the house they cannot concentrate on their sky satalite and plasma tv, their idle fat arses are glued to daytime tv, (although not the news) as its too taxing for their tiny minds! You see them waddle through the town centre at 3 oclock to pick up the chavlings, whilst stuffing their faces with a neverending supply of greggs pasties, in fact their are only 3 places ***** go for food, greggs, mcdonalds and burger king, if they are really splashing out, they may go to pizzaland, so iff you feel the need to experience the ****, visit willenhall, the land of the thick and the home of the lardarse.

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