North West

Widnes; populated with lots of anti-social citizens who look at you as if you have 5 eyes! Graffiti everywhere, litter everywhere and worst of all c***s. Everywhere. However, a minority of people living here are very nice and actually treat others with respect but people like that are very rare there. Victoria Park and Widnes Town Center are the top places for these ‘c***s’ to loiter around and most of the time, be a nuisance. Interesting areas of Widnes would be Pex Hill which is a wonderful walk and usually free of anti-social behaviour.
People have a right to be themselves:
C***s can be c***s, emo’s can be emo’s etc but they don’t have to disrupt anything, rebel or cause any negative behaviour.

Please, don’t be offended by this as it was not the reason I wrote this, in contrary to belief.
By: John Smith

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