Wick Littlehampton, **** hole of the south

South EastWest Sussex

Finally glad when i moved from there. I shall start with the flats at the top of clun road. There is literally a druggy or/and alcoholic in 1 in every 2 houses and the amount of single and chavy mothers living in them calling their chidren stupid double barrled names and letting them out at all hours of the day and the parks in wick covered in wkd and cheap cider bottles, needles and filled/used condoms witch is quite suprising because the amount of underage teenage pregancys and the streets around clun road like greenfields and joyce close witch is filled with supposed hard people how are actually thick, fat ***** who will live in benfits all there life and the other side of wick with places like griffin cresent, courtwick lane and trollers walk witch is the posh side of wick is still a ******** with druggies and alcoholic singles mothers but instead of 1 in 2 houses its only 1 in ever 4 houses and places like wick parade witch is filled with takeaway shops because no one in wick seems to have a cooker and lives of takeaways so yeah anyone is thinking of moving here yeah dont 🙂

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