Whitchurch (Wem): The abyss of Shropshire

I have sadly lived in the Whitchurch and Wem area all of my life (31 years) and have to say, it is one of the most awful places in the entire universe! Frequented by a mix of country yocals who look like they take a bath once a year, ***** (originally from overspill towns in Wales as it’s on the border with Whitchurch/Wem) who tear down the potholed country roads in their souped up cars, this place is beyond saving.

I remember once going into what seemed like a nice country pub from the outside (If a little rundown) but on entrance it was a circus of freaks, drunks, *****, reprobates, people from the hills. One lad approached me for pills and people were injecting in the loos! I made a swift exit!

Don’t get me wrong shropshire has some great places with listed areas of outstanding beauty, but stay away from far north shropshire/welsh border areas at all costs!! Stick closer to civilisation with some top schools (public, grammar and state) and hospitals, infrastructure etc parts of Shrewsbury, Wellington and Ludlow, are beautiful and middle-class/established communities, like you still have the countryside nearby but also people who still got their own teeth and don’t wreak of piss!

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