South East

quite middle/ higher middle class village, until the ***** from nearby south oxford came to our school

local secondary school.
this place was one of the best schools in the country.
(5 years ago)

Whealtey is one of the most expensive places in the country to live. I have an england footballer living just up the road and a famous actor living in the next village.

I went to wheatley park secondary school 7 years ago.
back then it was a school with average GCSE grades of A/B and was spread out over a 1.5 mile campus composed of many buildings inclusing a small victorian mansion with a moat and other buildings of historical significance.

Yup you will think that wheatley is a **** free place to live, and it was
until a school in south oxford would no longer take students from barton and other south oxford areas. so they all got sent here

these days almost every class (unless you in a top set) has rude boys throwing paper pens guma nd other projectiles at each other and other people. you cannot walk across the playground without a **** shouting abuse at you. I remember an insident where a group of em saw that my friend had a football and they wouldnt stop shouting abuse at him and threatening to beet us all up (us 5 year 11s against 3 y 9 *****) if he didnt hand the ball over. he refused but after 25 mins it was obvious that they were not going to go away and he handed it over.

Since then we have found burnt out cars aon the car park, torn up rabbits all over the playground. all the place looks like an estate (grafetee, broken signs smashed windows ect).

if you still dont think its is bad hear this, they have to have a riot squad there twice a month on average. and grades have fell to an acerage of D/E

the problem is that the ***** responsable are starting to hadn arround in the village insted of going home some slowely wheatley is begginging to look more and more like a town centere

yup wheatley and its secondary school are an example of the good life being takeing over by ***** tthat the local **** hole didnt want.

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