South EastSurrey

weybridge. ranked 3rd most wealthy in the country, but its just full of puffer jacket, pierced eyebrow/nose/lip/forehead cumbags banging their richmond smokes, solid reefers and stella, bleating on about how ***** life is cos ‘they’ve only ‘ad it twice’ and have 3 forehead swelling kids under 2 years old and school doesn’t finish for another year. The male versions, noticible from the vast arrangement of zits on their weasel faces and mating call of ‘ave it u dog’, come in one colour – pus yellow. all can be found in the hogs head banging each other with the pool cues, or going large near the phone boxes outside the slug. being a bar man at the slug i have the great enjoyment of being so ****** rude to these one cell whoring cumbag pus faced some-to-be crackheads, i am treated in an almost god-like manner when they come in. Such lines as ‘ giz a wife-beater matey, pay u laters and a bacardi for ma *****’, are met with ‘go **** yourself hobo before i ram your half-breed council-house pre-pubescent ***** up your nostrils’, upon which they retreat to the phone boxes and dream up another stella aquiring trick.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2020