you just have to be in the highstreet. they will be
there. it is the chaviest town because it is full of
*****- and of all the towns i have been to it is the
chaviest. tons of people with (fake) burberry scalves
and hats, nike hoodies, the girls walk round town in
the evening, with this perception of themsleves that
they are *** objects, with the trousers with the slits
all the way to the top, that are far too small for
them, and note the classy thong that can always be
seen above the waist line of the trousers, and the
tarty tops and bling bling gold both on the boys and
the girls. getting pissed and often (girls included)
peeing up against walls in the centre and walking
around in clothes they don’t have the figure for and
shoes they don’t have the balance to walk in.

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