Westbourne Park, West London

LondonWest London

Westbourne Park right in the heart of Notting Hill, You might think Notting Hill is posh but forget it – it’s C**v Grand Central!

Hoodies, fag ends and empty stella cans everywhere, cigarette butts, shell suited chavsters with big gold hoopy earrings walking violent looking dogs.
In fact about a month ago someone got killed in the lane around the back our lovely ex-council block of flats.
Yeah Notting Hill posh alright, that’s why we get fire crackers chucked in our gardens and all the Vespas have no numberplates.
The upmarket version the wanna-be-C**v wears Evisu and snorts a lot of coke and hangs out in the Bars nearby shouting at each other over very loud very bad garage.

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