West heath

West Midlands

West heath home of everything that is wrong with the world. With its world record teenage pregnancy rates and vomit ridden streets West heath really is the place to go….to die!
With they’re mullet hair cuts and worn Birmingham City football shirts (from three seasons ago) they parade around west heath looking for toothless 13 year old girls to impregnate.
An average night comprises of sitting outside fairfax fish and chip shop until it closes then getting some smack of Baz or Daz. Once smack is administered they like nothing more than to have a good old chat, usually about whose the hard or who has the most illegitame children.
After a night of rolling around monged in their own vomit and faeces they get they’re macdonalds uniform on and head of to Longbridge drive through-where they will work, probably for the rest of they’re lives. ****!

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