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You know you’re in trouble when the only discernable landmarks are a huge gas tank and a post office depot. Its not so much a town as a deposit for the dregs of chavdom that have been expelled from other towns. There are few shops and so the chavs hang out at these, or West Ham tube station or in the dogshit covered courtyards of one of several very ugly 4 storey blocks of “flats”.

I use the term “flats” in the broadest sense of the word as they consisted of cold lino floored cells filled with crane flies and stinking of fish. I was put in a police cell for a few hours once and i was really pissed off that i had actually paid rent for a room worse than the police cell!

Suffice to say, West Ham’s claim to fame was spawning the girls that once mugged Liz Hurley. So if you are going to the football, DO NOT get off at West Ham, its Upton Park you want.

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