West Drayton

North West

West Drayton…….oh yes you get a face full of ********* even when you approach the perimeters of the area! small hints of burberry and reebok classics can be seen along with the rumble of bass from a collaped out nova!! Also see “Hayes” review! as west Drayton is its big brother!! I dont know quite who started the **** effect but i do know that you are unlikely to walk two feet in West Drayton without being blinded by an 8oz gold plated chain or walk in a nice heap of staffy dog sh*t.

Drayton is knwon for its Council estate folk who flock in the main town wandering about with no particular place to go except to show off their latest **** gear bought over argos jewellery counter or from gordons clothes shop!when walking through the street its hard to stay on the pavement due to the amount of pushchairs being thrown about by young mothers in their three quarter length jogging bottoms and classics! How they get the strength to do it i dont know as the have 6 ounces of lucky charms and 24 rings on each arm! If you are unsure if you have found one then just ask them for something and the reply will be ” yeah WOTEVA!!”
The one good thing Drayton did do was start the Stockley car cruise.. A nice social spot under the flyover where everyone from local **** lands could get together to swap ideas of how to make the chavmobile go faster and louder…. Also tips of how to get a shed through an MOT !! The only thing missing from the cruise was the burberry coloured car.
The Shell garage on the high road was usually crowded with youngsters tea leafing the freebies in max power and cosmopolitan for the mum!
Anyway i cant say too much as i just described me 6 years ago but now you will spot me in the high street being the only one with my head down and blushing!
to all my friends in West D keep it up and make more babies… Wreck more Carparks…. and **** it up!

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