West Bromwich/Wednesbury

West Midlands

I am addressing both the **** towns of West Bromwhich and Wednesbury as I live on the border of both.<


Well as a current 15 year old living in and trying to recieve education in this ******** i can honestly say my school is absoutlutley ******** with *****- even the top sets which i am in.

I honestly pray for a **** holocaust every night my only way through the nightmare of the **** pre-evolved subspeices is the glory of rock/metal and trying to set myself as far apart from them as possible, for example: i even changed my accent towards this end.

you can not leave your house without some **** who seems to think he hails from jaimaica giving you a funny look for not conforming to the elegant tracksuit **** look- or for simply using proper english and not using the word”fookin” after every statement. 

The young chavlings are the worst i honestly had a few of the scruffy llittle ***** try to steal a recycling bin- yeah a bin, i know right. If there nogt sitting on a wall insulting passers-by who actually have lives, responsibilities and commitments they seem to take pleasure at riding a moterbike up and down pathways as opposed to actual roads.

And dont get me started on the minority of ***** who are actually employed because their attitude to customers is absoultutley horrendous, and would probably not be tolerated anywhere else in Europe or the United States.

The music they like is referred to as “dubstep” and is absoulute ****, just electronic noise quite franlky which they like to play aloud on buses and in classrooms even, imagine how distracring that is and yes they breed like rabbits, even at my current age of 15 with no financial way to support their offspring barring of course the hard working tax-payer.

The ***** of this town are corporate sheep with very low reading ages and no intellectual development. 

Take a look at this and you will see the horror i have to endure:

By: christopher

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