Wells, Somerset

SomersetSouth West

The smallest city in England, lodged in leafy Somerset, with a very middle class population and an idyllic town centre…the perfect place for chavs.

Chavs, or townies as they are called here, are not your usual ‘ladened in white’ pristine chavs, neh they are usually wearing quite tatty sports clothing, shoes usually covered in s**t from the high percentage of cows in this rural county.

In Wells chavs tend to lurk around the recreation ground and park behind Somerfield, but come out in force to the substandard pubs such as The Rose and Crown on a Friday and Saturday night, not to mention the spiritual home of the Wells chav, the local nightclub Kudos!

As for the day time chavs tend to hand around in local sports stores or the bus station, smoking weed and scaring grannies and alike.

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