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Wellington is in the Telford area however it seems to be one of the center points for all townies. It’s a rubbish crappy old market town surrounded by poor estates such as the old parts of Leegomery, Hadley and Arelston. The infamous Gassworks Crew can often be found in pubs such as Porters trying to pull random girls, however they have a reputation for not suceeding, possible because girls aren’t interested in boy with adidas trackies. If ever in Wellington do spend the time to joruney up to Telford Town centre to visit its surrounding estates such as Hollinswood, Malinslee and Woodside. They were built in the 70’s as overflow housing for people coming from Wolverhampton and Birmingham. Right from the beginning they were destined to be havens for poverty, drug abuse and crime. Upon journeying to Woodside you can see the cordened off areas with the diggers already in them taking them apart. Telford also has the largest rate of udnerage pregnancies in EUROPE and that is a fact. It truly is Townie central.

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