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Welling is the certre suburban south east london chav ness. With 3 secondary schools, one a grammar school which attracts ‘brainy’ chavs and the other two both certified as failing by ofsted this place is chav central. It seems every person suports millwall (even though charlton is the local club) and claims to have rioted against the police at millwall matches. The youth club on the lovell avenue estate has been burnt down twice and the mcdonalds entrance is the local hang out. only the brave venture out of welling, either to go to school in another more chavvy part of bexley (london borough) or the infamous crown woods school (biggest in the country) or even brave the 96 bus through plumstead into the ‘gangsta’ ghetto that is woolwich. When a welling chav wants to go shopping he can get the 96 the other way to bexleyheath, dartford or even bluewater.

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Welling is a high street stretching from the end of Bexleyheath up to Shooters Hill in South East London.
Welling is an add on high street to the Chav centre that is Bexleyheath in South East London/North West Kent. While Bexleyheath attracts Chavs from all the s**t holes along the Southern bank of the Thames Estuary, Welling is an area for local Chav’s only. These Chav’s have never been a hundred yards from this small high street and are a particularly vicious bunch of thugs. Instead of harrassing normal people or pensioners this breed of chav has turned on itself and their little gangs attack each other. It is a dangerous place to be on a weekend evening, leave the main road at your own peril. There is good news. The underage pub formerly know as the Moon and Sixpence (its has now changed its name nearly a dozen times) the centre of chavdom in welling, where you only gain access if you wear tracksuits and have sufficient bling is now an over 25’s pub. This could mean one of two things – Welling will attract a nicer kind of clientele and reform or the pub will take in the older, larger, drunken, nasty grown up chav and get worse forcing the younger chav’s to disperse out of their little haven to infest other areas or just add to the mass chav metropolis of Bexleyheath. Takings in the Moon and Six are down dramatically, looks like the young chav is spending his ill gotten gains somewhere new!