Welling (Near Bexleyheath)

South London

What can be said of welling thats not already been said time over and again about other such suburban god awful **** **** holes.

Well welling’s finest breed of Chavsters are a ******* nightmare, they constantly walk the streets ******* round what ever fast food branch they decide to shovel down thier dirty gobs.

spiting, smashing bus shelters, headbutting hard objects after drinking some random alcho-pop (hopefully this will eventually knock some sense into the *******) is pretty much the norm.

How grim is your Postcode?

I personally have seen them sitting there up on the platform at welling station smoking weed, and throwing random objects onto the tracks. THEY TRY TO DERAIL TRAINS FOR GOD SAKE !

Welling is a God awfull place to be come November 5th especially… actually… it is for the entire month of October, November, December and what ever other months the ******* ***** can get there filthy stinking **** bag hands on fireworks to throw at each other and peoples windows.

I for one hope they burn to death in the most painfull way possible, it would do the world a massive favor.

Ontop of all this **** there are the usual twats ******* around Pubs getting pissed up and charlied up out of thiere minds before setting on someone and kicking the **** out of them for nothing.

the classic though is that even for older charver **** they still decide to burn RUBBER ******* TYRES on bonfires in thier garden..???

The fact that Woolwich (single mother capital of europe is down the road along with **** haven Kidbrooke and also the wonderfull **** shopping haven of bluewater down the A2 must mean that welling is an ideal stop off point for **** **** everywhere.

I for one, wish that I could move… and I am sure that one day soon I will but i feel that the ***** are gonna spread no matter what so whats the point.

I will just have to fight the good fight from within the belly of the **** ridden Beast.

Keep Fighting all you non-Chavsters out there we will get our towns back one day……i hope.

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