Wellesbourne is a relatively small village near stratford upon avon & leamington spa. For such a small place there is an awful amount of ****’s. aka ********’s. ********* start from around the age of 12 right through to retirement age. Boy ****’s follow the same pattern. At least 80 % of these people were born & bred in the village i.e. the league of gentlemen. They are often seen ******* outside the local offie, they hang ouside the library, (but never have book, they dont no what education means), fish & chip shop, bus stops are favourable, the precinct, local co-op (on the beg), petrol garage (lookin for an opportunity to rob a car). Their favourte place is the park, where they have started to take drugs – under the slide (do they not have homes???
One of their favourite pastimes is driving around the village in their cars, or at least attempting to drive. Generally the cars are beaten up Corsa’s or Nova’s with a bad spray job.
The ********* have ponytails so tight you can just about see the single brain cell. We would like to know why they all try and speak cockney (we r in the midlands), Male *****’s obviously suffer from cold ankles as the trackie bottoms r tucked into socks, or is this cause they like riding bicycles? They r a sad lot. There is a huge amount of fake burberry around here and a lot of fake bling (buy the real stuff or dont bother, it look cheap). Our oldest village **** is a woman who is in her 80’s she colour co ordinates her outfits and her hair, she even has a fake burberry jacket.
Innit, to all you chavsters out there, u give me a good laugh in the evening in an otherwise boring village.

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