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The little sister (or possibly mum, auntie, cousin and step-grandmother) of Portsmouth and Leigh Park.
A chav infested ghetto nestling in the cider bottle and rusty fridge-strewn countryside of the South Downs (recently tuned down as an area of outstanding natural beauty – any connection??). This festering hole was designed as a kind of overflow cess pit for the more established chav-itats of Paulsgrove and Somerstown.
Home to the “Wecock Recking Crew” who’s aim it seems is to further deface the very filth in which they live.

Local attractions include the community centre – home to the local mother and toddler group (or young mum and snot monkey group), which requires members to have at least eight piercings, two tatoos and one deformity between them. Mothers must attend with the regulation “scrape back slapped down with vaseline” hair and children are required to wear a) a scrunchie (on top of head) with only three hairs pulled into it, or b) an unidentified crust emanating from the eye, ear or nose. Extra kudos can be gained from exhibiting Wecock pets (nits, fleas or scabies).
On Saturdays the community centre can be used as a classy and inexpensive venue for wedding receptions (for the more traditional -and more mature i.e. over 26 – chavette), where the bride will be resplendant in white, attended by her bridesmaids (daughters, step-daughters, granddaughters and best friend). The groom will be off his head on stella (this is a posh do after all – no White Lightning tonight) and wearing the suit that gets dusted down for those monthly court visits. The happy couple’s mothers (one of their “dads” may be there, and he may even be a blood relative what with all the incestuous behaviour that goes on in this armit of a town) will start screeching at each other and before too long full-on chav warfare will ensue. This will only end when the local constabulary drop in to pay their respect; then it’s all chavs together againsts the rozzers.
Wecock also boasts several well appointed play areas; mini adventure trails with a host of fun activities such as turd-dodge and spit on the tramp. Other popular pastimes include sitting on walls, pit bull rearing, and urinating in stairwells.
If I had the stomach for it I would go on to detail the wonders of the local betting shop, pubs and eateries – but quite frankly I can’t continue or I will start ranting.
I hope this short summary of the delights of “The Farm” have whetted your appetite for this dinnlo colonised, benefit cheating, stone-clad hell hole.

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  • LsaT

    Probably never even been there. Could of been paraphrasing from any article about any “broken Britain” estate. Oh and the South Downs IS classified as an area of outstanding natural beauty by the way. I know, I have all the planning enforcements that go with that to deal with.

  • Pete mitchell

    chaffinch green new to 1977 then joined the Navy so, if anyone knows wherabouts of the chandlers, pearsons beagleys, ryans, wards…drop me a line….thanks

  • Njs

    Did u move to renown gardens? What is it like? Any trouble etc??

  • Wd

    Who ever put this on here has proberly never lived here and goes by what rumours go round so this show you dont always believe what people tell you because half the time they milk it to far

  • claire m

    quite ironic to me is the fact that for years it was known as the place of trouble ect and yes whilst it does have many people who are on benifits for one reason or the other, i moved to petersfield classed as high living expensive housing and has one of the most expensive private schools full on celebs kids, and in the first 3 years i lived there there was 3 murders lots of fights ect… its actually quiter in wec**k

  • jan

    I have lived on this estate since 2003 and yes I have seen children doing stupid things and I have stood up to them and had eggs thrown at my house but by children I knew but that was a long time ago and I presume these children are now adults like mine and maybe parents themselves. Now the area I know is really nice and last year I helped organize a street party for the Jubilee and it was a great success with over 70 children at the party. Where I live is a mix of owned private rent and council and really you would not know the difference most of the children have grown up and YES some of them including one of mine have gone to university. There are lots of clubs for the young children and oh yes I used to help run the play group and I can’t say I noticed any children as those described mine certainly did not look like that nor my friends.. It does not matter where you live and this is NOT Portsmouth this is Cowplain miles away from Portsmouth you can find problems but it is what you make of where you live and my children have a good group of friends all working not on benefits. They have known each other since child hood and I love my house and where I live!

  • Jenny June

    I lived on Chaffinch Green for about 6 years until 2005. My parents were U.S. Military and British Navy so nearly my whole life before was spent living on Lovedean Ln in Navy housing. When I first moved I was punched in the face by one of the “Stanley girls” for absolutely no reason except for the fact that I was new and made the mistake of playing some footy in the park with my older brother and moving in the neighborhood that day. My house was egged the first night by a kid I grew up with and his friends which was a nice welcome for my parents who had bought the house and built a conservatory to the back so it was worth more. I started high school and walked the couple miles to HTC where I was harassed even more by random people I didn’t know that lived in the area. Boys spit at me on my way down Eagle Ave most mornings. This continued for years of my travels since I walked all the way to Clanfield or Horndean to hang out with friends. As I grew up and started hanging out with these sh*t bags and getting up to no good like a teenager does so I was fine and free walking through my neighborhood, and past that chavy bus stop for the next couple years. Before I moved to New York with my parents in 2005/6, I was friends with all these kids, I wasn’t ashamed of where I lived. I miss it so much and still keep in touch with the hundreds of friends and boyfreind I left. I’ll probably go back soon. Like I did in 2009.

  • Luke4487

    Haha I found this when we were looking to buy a house here last year… Still makes me chuckle! I grew up in the chavless Wiltshire countryside and trust me I can be a tad snobby but it isn’t that bad. Yes there are a load of dole loving oxygen thiefs but this is the Portsmouth area after all… It is hardly classy! We didn’t buy in Wec**k Estate as its your typical 60s looking council estate but we live nearby and the area is surrounded by bungalows and there are mansions just a 5 minute walk up onto London Road… This is an amazing article, I would of probably written something like this myself had I grown up here to highlight the amazing lowlifes that do live in these parts but it could be written about anywhere within a 10 mile radius of Portsmouth tbh or most large towns or cities in the UK.

    Been here a year and only just fitted locking wheel nuts to my 20 inch alloys so it can’t be that bad. Although after a week of moving in someone was stabbed but its the same folk this article rants on about so let them get on with it! To be honest they are selling most of it off, and the more decent folk that move in the better it will get 🙂

    If you read into this seriously you’re foolish, take a drive around! and if you take this as offensive, you are a) struggling to sell your house for far too much and blaming this article for putting them off (lol) or b) possibly a chavette yourself and the article has insulted you by mocking your pastimes!

    Wouldnt walk up there alone at night tho loooool

  • Karen

    its not ground floor is it?

  • Karen

    was thinking of looking at a flat there but have had second thoughts now. Thank you!

  • Ashli

    Heyy everyone quick question my boyfriend might be moving into Weac**k so would like to know what Renown Gardens is like…

  • joe wecock

    Who ever has written this paragraph is obviously to thick to realize that normal people do Live in these areas and sometimes have no choice but to live there and its people like the ones who write these things that label these places with disgust and have probably never been there because they are to busy sailing through life living off mummy and daddy!!!

  • Unbelievable

    Some of the comments on here are unbelievable. I lived there for 35 years and my children and many friends still live there. I am now very lucky and live in Florida because I was a hard worker and furthered my education, worked for three large companies over thirty years whilst raising my children. Never wore tracksuit bottoms unless I was going to the gym, nor did I wear piercings except for one in each ear. My children are hard working and live in private homes on the estate.
    There is a very true saying ‘it takes one to know one’ so whoever wrote the original comment must truly be a ‘chav’.

  • P Burkinshaw

    Is it bad on Chaffinch Green? Is number 90 a flat or a house?