North West

Previously the largest village in Britain, Weaverham now holds the proud title of ‘Chaviest Village in Britain’.
We’ve got the lot; fat chicks with purple legs and a tyre ******* out under their shirts, Motor Vehicle students who can’t string a sentence together without swearing, louts that hang around the back of the shops drinking cheap nasty cider and abusing passers by with their ‘wit’ and generally bad attire.
If you want to have a conversation with someone at 3 o’clock in the morning, from opposite ends of the street, this is the place for you.
So come on, slip on a peaked cap and get on down to Weaverham, you’ll fit right in with the locals.
Be sure to trash something and throw some litter about before you leave or they won’t have you back.

Weaverham’s Website“Lord have mercy”

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