Wealdstone really is the ******** of Harrow

Wealdstone Town Centre – Adjacent to Harrow, now this really is run down.  Councillors and shopkeepers constantly bleat that the anti traffic measures have ****** off what there is of the town centre. But why don’t they just dispense with political correctness and admit its the huge council estates that exist nearby and the ***** that they spawn that have ****** it off. No self respecting family or middle Englander would shop there.

Favourite places for the **** surely have to be the multitude of run down pubs that exist there. The Queens Arms and the Case is Altered remind me of the legendary bar scene in the original Star Wars, only the inhabitants are more in your face, aggressive and even uglier!

Litter is everywhere, one particularly common ******** was seen changing her chavling’s nappy in broad daylight and then throwing the used one in the gutter. Not surprisingly, no one seemed to complain or look surprised.

The area also seems to attract a large number of rude boys who seem to happily co exist amongst the *****. And just to top it off, there seems to be a number of large <strike>*****</strike> lovely travelling families, that have been housed completely at the taxpayers expense who spend most of their time kicking it off against the ***** who seem happy to oblige.

Wealdstone really is the ******** of Harrow.


*** Updated 2016 ***

Well its been over ten years since the original article was written so let me update you.

The “*****” and “lovely travelling folk” have long gone and been replaced with an immigrant community of a largely Afghan and Romanian population, the local friendly  Somalian drug gang that would hang around the alleyways and abandoned pub have all been moved along to other estates, put in prison or murdered.

The area still has a run-down and neglected look about it featuring a dead high street, even the local Tesco express had to close due to lack of business and that is really saying something! and a back road that is always jam packed in the rush hour thanks to the genius who turned the high street into a bus only road. There has been a minor slow down in crime but don’t worry you can still get robbed or sexually assaulted after dark, that local custom has not changed.

To be honest Wealdstone has never been particularly nice, even in the 80’s it was still a bit of a dump, the whole area could do with compulsory purchases and renovated seeing as its right next to an important connecting train station, a train station that witnessed one of the worst train crashes in British history killing 112 and injuring another 340 in the 1950’s.

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