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I have recently moved to watton at first i thought it was ok and then i went out for a night down the pubs with some old mates from norwich and as soon as we said we where from norwich they started hitting us and chucking pints over us in the pub they where kicked out and we had to be escorted out by the police….they then followed us home and smashed my windows and rolled my friends car not 1 car but 3 cars!!!!……the next day i toldmy uncle who lives here and he wasnt even shocked i was stunned……every night there are little ***** around town either spray painting , pissed off there head, randomly beating people up or just terrorising anyone who is not from watton…u can go to lovell garden estate to be greated by 100 ***** scattered about the alley ways and not greated nicely trust me…or you can go to stokes estate where my uncle lives ( y i dont know? ) which is okay in the day but at night time is full of louts drinkin at the park and pissing off everyone who is within eye distance……but the worst place is the town centre as the kids and even the “adults”dont like outsiders and once theyve have 20 stellas will destroy ne outsider who gets in there way!! …..i have been here  for 3 months now and i thought things would get better as they could of been a one off but let me tell you it just get worst there is usualy a fight everyday in town centre and there has 3 stabbings since ive been here so i can honestly say im going to be moving lol…thanks,

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