OH MY F*****G GOD!!!! mini shitty little ankle biting chavs & kappa slappers as far as the eye can see! if they are not in garston speeding around the drive thru in one of the most sorry looking mcdonalds you will ever step foot in, they are gathering by the masses outside guess where….yes mc sodding donalds outside the harlequin in watfords high street. It festers with the creepy crawley mini chavs and wiggas (deary me soooooo many wiggas!!) which constantly make unwanted, pointless & stupid remarks & just generally making life for us normal watford dwellers really shamefully s**t! i have to say i am embaressd to even live nearby, 1ce more i cant escape the enoying little c***s as the chav population is starting to swarm my quite little village Bricket wood!!! i say us norms band together & fight back, gather them up & lets commit a bit of mass genocide!!

watford chav grooming & fashion:

i must say out of all the chavs, the watford chav trys hardest to merge with its civilised bretherin (bredgewin),although they all dress the same still right down to the same f*****g hairstyle! shopping only in sport shops for their “aeeh ffawce wunz” or pearly white k-swiss, the watford chav shops in the more boutique-like monserrat, stocking brands such as voi, guide, fcuk and for the more uper class chav evisu, iceberg, moschino etc. the watford chav also indulges in a little literature across their chests, most found in river island or topman eg ‘suck medic’….. clever, and then there is always fcuk, the louting chav’s favourite expression of wit.
it is well known that all chavs rush to “ego” barbers to get there off center mo-hawk type shitty thing & zig zag lines cut into their head, the more daring amongst them will dye the mo-hawk blonde or bright red. Although it is economically cheap to be a chav, it seems in watford they are more than willing to make the leap to ‘bovvy market’ to spend thier stolen pension money and splash out on all the von dutch and burberry and drum n bass tape collections their hearts desire.

Chav Education: to learn to be the quintessential chav u hav first to put in some time at West Herts college. they end up here after a failed attempt in school and still have the desire to go on (dont know why). popular choices find young mum chavettes extending their ‘talents’ ironically to childcare or leisure and tourism.

In all it is easy to see how watford typifies chav; seeing as even the welsh nomads goldie lookin chain chose watford as the backdrop for thier spoof video to ‘guns dont kill people rappas do’

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018

When I registered here and found that Watford had not already been added to this list, I was shocked. It is, from my experience, the very epicentre of all that is Chav. The town centre comes complete with at least one of every sports shop, it even boasts two JD Sports and 2 Allsports, both within metres of each other. The ratio of chavs to non-chavs is approximately 5:1, which I think is fairly high in anyone’s book.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2018