Watford (again)

East AngliaHerefordshire

Like most of the chav towns here, the favourite chav hangout is outside the McDonalds, on the High Street/King Street juction. This is handy for the Chav shopping Mecca opposite – the Harlequin centre, where the chavettes swarm on a Saturday afternoon.

Don’t know about other towns’ chavs, but the Watford variety are all skinny and pathetic looking – maybe due to all the smack they take?

Luckily watdord chav-doom is still young and have only recently started making an appearence in the evening. Even then they are few in number and don’t seem to enter any pubs and go home early.

Although the under-18 nights at Destiny and Area bring them out in droves – Area has 6 ft high security barriers and guard dogs specially for these nights!!!! – I kid you not.

They are vastly outnumbered by (as locally known) “the shirts” or “the knobs”, basically blokes with designer shirts that aren’t tucked in.

As for violence, the chavs here are for it too – although the shirts account for the vast majority of it.

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