Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in South East

A stones throw across the motorway from leigh park; Waterlooville is the place to bask in middle class snobbery. As with most suburban towns it’s full mostly of smelly old people and well off identical middle aged [UNEMPLOYED!!!] mothers with their children by day. Oh joy. Life round here is so predictable. The youth are generally spoilt, trying too hard to be different. There is a very HIGH emo population who like to hang out in town centers by day, much alike the chavs/townies do by night outside ‘THE ISTANBUL’ [recently re-named kebab place the chavs frequent]. Everybody hates each other…the hostility is GREAT.

More about the wonderful delights of WaterPOOville: Just what is there to do socially? Bollox. Hang around get drunk; f**k a few ugly people I guess. We have a McDonalds with its early 90’s décor still fitted; an ASDA to employ all the local losers; 10 HAIR SALONS which I am seriously ashamed of, its so disgusting; 5/6 charity places to pacify the elderly and the couple hobos who hang outside Choices video store [they SOOOO have a roof over their heads]; with not much else inbetween.

You JUST don’t go out if you’re young [18-25] round here and female, unless you want to be sexually assaulted. I get it in broad daylight, common scum tend to think they have a right to lay their hands on anybody ‘different.’ I’ts usually the older male chavs you want to stay clear of, they are unbelievably dumb I expect they’d get hardons imagining david beckhams bling “ooooh teh chainz”, they are THAT mentally retarded. They’ll put their dick in anything [please be the hover motor] and deserve to be slayed nationwide for being so fecking aggressive.

Now the young chavs locally aren’t too bad, when I pass they just stare and make a few “ I like your hair/shoes” related comments. They do mouth off and such, but EVERYONE round here likes to make their dumb comments heard, nothing new to me Waterlooville is full of ignorant fucks.
What more is there to say? We all know what they look like! And their traits. IF anything its all been over publicized; It’s british culture so face it things wont change.

Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in South East

Waterlooville, or vile loo water? A chavscum dormitory on the edge of the greater Pompey hellhole.

Has all the key attributes; A Macfilths, a massive totaaly fuckwit ASDA with extra wide aisles for extra wide arses, a pedestrianised high st (aka dog toilet), a bevvy of car accessory shops for all possible chav tastes and prices ranges.

What do I care, it’s nothing personal but I want to kill them all. Maybe it’s the thought that I have to inhale air which has been inside a chav ?

Can’t we just seel them for organ doning to rich chinese?

But all is not lost, within a few miles of this excrement you can find beautiful countryside with out a chav in sight. And plenty of noce fox exterminating jolly chaps like me. Im so glad im rich, cultured and thoroughly superior!! Hooray.