Warsaw, Poland

I was in Warsaw fr 9 months a few years ago teaching English, and there were ***** there too! In fact , the whole of the east side of this Birmingham sized concrete ******** has been concquered by what normal locals call : the sportswear people. They refer to themselves as “apaches” (sorry native Americans)
These are scary *******, they look like a combination of UK ***** and **** war criminals. They cannot afford burberry or Argos gold, but tattered tracksuits, shaven heads and very cheap imitation NIke trainers from the russian market are de rigeur. They are always in groups, always drunk on very cheap strong Polish lager (they have a special brew equivalent) and like to throw beer bottles at very large stray dogs for a laugh. Robbery is their favourite way to make a few zloti, doesnt matter what, where or how, but its usually violent. It starts with the pickpockets in the tram as you cross the river onto the East side…and gets scarier the further you venture east. They live in huge ex Soviet tower blocks. When in Warsaw, leave the east end well alone, it really is too dangerous…and they can smell a western EU citizen from miles away. They will take your watch , wallet,but a passport is the ultimate prize, and all EU citizens in Poland are required by law to carry their passport at all times, Funnily enough, you rarely see Polish ********* around, dont know why that is really….

So, they have spread as far as the wastelands of Warsaw…they really are on a Ghenghis Khan sized mission to conquer the globe!

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