Well, Ware is a beautiful market town by day………But as the darkness comes, sure enough the ****** hood-**** come out. Big group normally in amwell end by rail crossing, ‘chavvin it up’, shouting “bruc bruc, gimme a ten bag bruv innit blud”. ******* **** *****…always trying to intimidate the commuters as they walk home. And there is a couple of ********* with them, who no doubt have had a rogering from all the little *****. The older ***** hang out in their chavmobiles in da car park where charvills was, revving up and playing wannabe bad boy rap music out of their saxo’s and clio’s. all smoking drugs and saying ‘wassup ma *****, innit bruv innit bruv bruc bruc blud’. I’d drown the ***** myself.  bastards

By: simon

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