Written by Anonymous. Posted in East Anglia

Warboys, Warboys, Warboys… Where can I begin! Just 4 miles from the chav infested Ramsos and about 8 Miles from Huntingdon (chav city…well i say city, its merely a town and a s**t one at that). Where is there to go in Warboys I hear you say? Well we have a “Youthie” (pronounced U-Vee) which i think literally translates to youth club but one can never be sure! This is like the red-light disrict for chavs. They emurge at night (age range about 11-22) wearing their ‘burberry’ clabber and drinking their alchopops (J2O for the little ‘uns) and painting the town red,. And by this I mean going to the local park, the park to beat all parks. Comes as standard with a piss infested tunnel, WOOP! We all love it really! So if your interested instead of going somewhere such as Greece for your next holiday come and stay in Warboys (there’s even a site for mobile homes!) Enough said I think… Come see for yourself!

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