Walthamstow A.K.A Chaves r us init!

Whilst sitting sleeping happily on the Victoria Line you relise you’ve arrived at the end of the line, ‘Walthamstow Central’ as you sleepily get off the train and out of the station you find to your utter dismay your faced with a load of ****’s. Girls with their hair slicked to the side with so much gell you can practicialy see it sliding off there heads. Boys with there faces on the ground because there ‘bling bling’ is too heavy. After the initial shock you find your stomach is grumbiling so you sneak off into MacDonalds while the ***** are disscussing if it’s okay to wear a belt as a miniskirt. So you head in McDonalds but find yourself in a mob of hungry, rowdy ***** referring to themselves as MC’s. There leader seems to be called ‘Drowsy D’ and yes, he is pretty drowsy probably because of all the weed his followers are offering him. You start to feel ill as a result of the exuse for a hamburger the greasy **** gave you so you run up to the toilets but alas you’ve stumbeld into **** mateing ground where one day the little baby ***** will be ‘going at it like rabits’. Enough is enough you run out and deceide to take a nice strol in Lloyds park, maybe feed a few ducks. Your walking through the park not botherd by the harassing of old lady ***** squeezed into snake skin patternded belly tops, but you take a wrong turn into a dark path, you smell rotting and see red eyes glinting in the darkness, you think there must be some sort of wild animal lurking, but they emerge, but its worse than you thought its the ‘Ugly Vicious Stoned’ species of **** they chase you back to the station knashing there over lipglossed mouths. You jump onto a train and wait for your next **** filled adventure….

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