Waltham Cross

East AngliaHerefordshire

As a 14 year resident of waltham Cross I have noticed a dramatic change in that it is rapidly becoming the new Chav capital of the UK. Sandwiched on the border of Middlesex, London, Hertfordshire and of course ESSEX! means that Da Cross as the local homies call it is getting the overspill from internationally famous chavsites such as N-Field, Tot-Nam and the breeding ground of all chavs, R-Lo! It also means that the town is a major stop off for chavs from other areas, that feel left out of their town’s non chav routes, such as Broxbourne and Hertford; Both relatively non chav in there own right! The most common form of Waltham Cross chav, is without doubt, the generation that has just turned 18. Therefore they tend to Hang-out and getting pissed up all day. This will be in “Da Moon” (It’s a wetherspoons pub cos they cant afford normal prices) where chavs will congregate, and start agro. On a friday night however they tend to venture from Da Moon, just down the street toward the vault. This is a well known spot for chav rows! If by closing time at da vault, there are any chavs left standingthey tend to return to their routes and call a cab either slunking down the road into N-Field and to the chav legendary EROS! or a few miles down the road back up to R-Lo!There is also a new breed of chav erupting onto the streets of DA Cross! The underage Chav!!!! These tend to hang out on the other side of town, first going into the local shathole, The Hapopy Pig. After being knocked back in here, they willtry the few chav licences (offies), which all have turkish names that i cant pronounce! After being rejected again they slunk over the road to Costcutter, standing outside smoking some zoots and drinking some white lightning. All decked out in identical navy blue tracksuits with stupid bandanas on there heads. After a hard night of trying to get served, they tend to try shagging any local chavettes and take them down the alley round the corner, before being fought home by older chavs. The only good thing I can possibly say about this is that by morning, al underage Chav’s have been beaten into submission by older chavs. And all older chavs have gone back their hometown. It is back to being a peaceful town until the next night!

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