waltham abbey

welcome to the burbery, white lightning drinking ,hair dryer(oh sorry i mean mo-ped)driving town in essex, these things oh i mean ***** better not say things might hurt there feelings have spawed from no were used to be a nice town now they have taken over tescos i mean serioulsy tecos aint they got better things to do like shag 13 year old girls and make lots of babys and claim benefits, with there stupid cars pumping out that noise they call music which is just a bunch of sounds made by computers with some bloke over the top of it speaking fast i think they call it MCing and talking of MC they dont go away from mcdonalds its like there home the further away they are the less power they have so they go to the nearest place which is tecos yay good for them o.O


get rid of mcdonals and we wont have a problem anymore

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