Walsall encounter

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Well I live in walsall, unfortunately it has been taken over by the dreaded **** horror. I am sixteen and lived here all my life but now the town reminds me of a scene from Dawn of the Dead. Everywhere you look there are trouser filled socks and the dreaded burbury design. Usually in packs of 10-15 people, these bastards remind me of a hunting pack of wolves, not for meat but the latest, cheapest clothes around. Mainly found around the hill leading up to St. Mathews church and in particular the **** stalls. They can find and all ya can eat buffet of knocked of goods and “desinger” gear which have no labels on them. I was fortunate enough to confront a **** one time a few weeks ago. The average day, overcast skies and the stench from the fish stall when me and my mates were “gipped” because we were wearing the clothes we had on. In great humour and whit they all laughed with each other until I said “That’s a good comment from someone who is wearing a body grill!!” immediately the comment came out from them. “Yeah well I did ya mum!!!” followed by a quick swing of my fist and kick to knees. Why oh why did they run away? Is it because I had got blood on their burbury so they went to buy a new shirt or perhaps the fact that their is free first aid at the local NHS Drop in centre?

in short I hate them and they are absolutely **** at arguments with insightful comments such as “Your mum!” or “I bet ya ***** is tight in them!” and the most favourite one of all “Your sad!”. I say LOOK WHO’S BLOODY TALKING. Rolling ya socks over ya tousers and wearing, what i like to call, the body grill of a burbury shirt. Oh not forgeting the lovely R&B they play from the “pimped” out Metro cars made from spare parts. I remeber an incident when me and my cousin were walking back from showcase cinema. We bought some hot chips and on the way back we got “gipped” calling us Fat and “Would you like a cream cake?”. He wasn’t prepared for a bag of searing hot chip fat to go flying through his window at the lights. Overall can we please put them away somewhere because they’re just annoying and the worst dress sense in the country. DEPORT THEM

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