Walsall, Birmingham

West MidlandsWest Midlands

Walsall hey, if you have never visited this run down dump then you obviousley havnt experienced a proper beating usually recieved by those netorious “*****”.

“And if you look to the left here you’ll see Mc Donalds, the outside is usually over run by “what them walsall ppl” call “*****”, if you would like to experience one of these “****” beatings then simply walk down Walsall highstreet with a gold painted bike chain around your neck from Argos, and a lot of small change in your pocket. In order to get there attention you must whistle and shake the small change in your pocket around a little to get the full effect of the beating. Atthe end of your experience your change and bike chain will have somehow disapeared, and your eyes will somehow have gone purple and swollen”.
As Long as you dont directally make full eye contact with a “****” for more then 3 seconds you might just be able to make it through Walsall’s “Saddler” centre. This place is what i like to call CHQ “****’s Head Quarters”, they seem to like to congragate here, i mean who could blame them, its warm in the winter, they dont have to go far to go outsaide to have a ***, there are “loads of em shoppers” to intimidate as they walk past, the local “saddlers guards” to “wind em up rotton”, this is good exercise for “*****” by insulting the “Guards” they are chased giving them good leg exercise, its also a safe dry place to hold the dayley **** battles with eachother :), “*****” are also free to express them selves by spray painting on a canvas (Aka garage doors or shop shutters).http://roobottom.com/ – If ever low on jewlerry the yebo’s simply leave CHQ and head northly up towards the market to steal a bit of fake “bling”. Besides all the bad points of Walsall it is still home to me but someone needs to act soon to rid walsall of there “****” prolem before it gets out of control. Heres My advice to you, if you can run then come visit walsall!, if you can dodge concrete slabs covered in saliva then visit walsall, i dont recomend it to pregnant woman, girls (unless you’re a ********), asthmatic people, people over 13 stone or people who slightly look a bit funny.

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