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If you are to take a stroll through Wallasey then I’m sure that you’ll be shocked when you see gangs of youths wandering the streets drinkin excessive amounts of alcohol without being pulled up by the police. Their all big-headed ***** who think that they’re gods gift and are better than everyone. If you go to the part that is by Poulton Vics pitch and down by the docks, it is a friggin **** hole. Every single person that lives in a house there is a druggy, they have no manners or respect for anybody. Oxton Park is another place that is ****, aswell as Central Parl. Take a walk through there and you are sure to find the odd peedo or 2. Oldershaw school is a **** hole aswell. Full of arrogant twats who think they’re amazing. The school is practically falling down!

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