North East

I really cant believe that Walker is not among the listing already. The whole area of Walker, byker, Benwell or Newcastle/Sunderland as a whole.
They are everywhere. And I mean everywhere. The favourite hangouts are the metro stations and the Bigg Market. Out go the ****** **** on the weekend to the Bigg Market. The females in the smallest skirts and bras, no coat and I must say it is cold up here. All ages from the barely legal to the grave bound.
The females swark uninteligably and the males grunt.
It has even got to the point where locals cant understand the dialect.
The tanning shops are also the favourite for the female of the species. Afterall, who wouldnt be jealous of dry, broken bleached to hell white hair and an orange tan. It goes so well with the huge “gold” earings and “gold” necklaces.
The males in thier rockports and fake burberry. Rockport being the footwear of choice at the moment.
Other hangouts are outside the job centre, bus stops, street corners, outside the flats where i live, in the childrens park by the flats (a local mating ground), outside the corner shop to hassle customers for tabs (ciggerettes), booze and lighter fluid (yes i have been asked for all of the above).
One of the areas I’m refering to Benwell, has a reputation so bad you can actually buy a 3 bed house for around 25 grand. The area is that horrible. Most of the houses are boarded up, the ones that arent are so disgusting it has to be unhygenic to live there.
The female ****** attitude of get pregnant, get a council house and stay on benefits for the rest of my life is very prelevant here. It is scary to see these evil creatures reproducing so much especially when they can barely look after themselves let alone a child. So the cycle continues.
I have come to the conclusion that these bastards are not even of the same species as the rest of us. They are a genetic throwback that should be destroyed before they out breed us all.

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