North West

This has got to be high up in the ratings, I think this is the hive where ***** breed, or at least go shopping.
If you wanna find ***** then go for a look around the “Ellesmere centre” or the car park behind. These ***** have brought bad taste to new heights. Dressed in pink tracksuits with burberry handbags, pushing a ****** in its pushchair, while talking s**t on a £200 mobile fone, talking about nothing, except “ring me back, me credits going”

I spent an entire afternoon parked up in the car park watching the pond life pass by… does blair know or care that the giro collectors spend thier benefits in Tesco’s , taxi’s and hampsons sausage rolls?
scally central, grandad looking most dapper in his grey NIKE sweatyshirt and £1 shop trainers, bundling his latest proceed into the untaxed astra…
I nearly pissed myself when an astra got its bumper torn off by a ******** in a golf that pulled out in front of it , But then I am an imbecile and would probably laugh my head off at an episode of peppa pig. Come to think of it I have invented a new sure fire method of finding out what a place is really like, sit alone in a car park and don’t speak to anyone or look at anything whilst laughing at other peoples misfortune. Michael Palin was missing a trick in around the world in 80 days ,he should have done it all from a ford Focus parked on supermarket carparks around the world.

Top 10 worst places to live in England 2020