Vote for the worst place to live in #England 2021

Worst place to live in England Poll 2021
We’ve run a poll every year to find the worst place to live in England for the last 16 years. Peterborough (Pete-bruh) was last year’s cherry on top of the t*rd cake, but can it remain No.1? There was never been a three time winner, so the chances are your town is in with a chance. As Christmas rapidly approaches, it’s that time of year again to vote for a new ‘king of English [email protected] towns’ 2021. Simply click on the town of your choice to vote.

The Quickening has begun!

Submissions are now closed. These are the finalists for 2021. If your town is not on the list you are too late. Why not vote for a neighbouring town or one you think is a right dump, just for the lulz?

Each Thursday up to New Year’s Eve, the bottom three towns will be relegated. We’ve already put in a sympathy vote for Gillingham at iLiveHere towers.

Voting has now closed. The New Top10 will be published this week. Thanks for Voting!