StaffordshireWest Midlands

Ladies and Gentlemen,I introduce to you Utoxeter,a secret den for c***s.A little market town in Staffordshire,twined with Roston Vasey!
Home to JCB ( Just C***s Babe),Elkes Biscuits(the equivilant of a c***s social club) oh,and s**t water.
The unfortunate visitor can’t help but notice the strangely high foreheads these c***s have.Worryingly,they all look related!
The young c***s hang arround in groups outside the first shop they shuffle to ,that has a wide enough entrance for them to block.All of them with their mobile phones stuck to their ears.
The adult c***s can be seen dragging (the weight of naff jewelery)themselves around the market on a friday,and stock up on more c**v crap.
Did I forget Uttoxeter race course? C**v-Toffs by the score.
Uttoxeter is a C***s paradise.

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