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Mirfield is pretty shitty, doing very well (?)
in the first Crap Towns book – not bad for a town of its size . Despite its proximity to the M1 and the M62 – which has made every other town in the region a little goldmine (except Bradford, of course ) – Mirfield still has to attract businesses and shoppers, possibly because the only shops are LiDL, Netto, and the Co-op – wheras neighbouring Huddersfield ( rather more affluent ) has TWO Sainsburys, a Marks and Spencers, Tesco , Asda; and the rest of the shops aren’t charity shops, like they are in Mirfield.

Therefore, anyone with money goes to Huddersfield – and everyone else stays in Mirfield (although I don’t think anyone comes to Mirfield from anywhere else). Mirfield is brilliant for chavs – you dont need to try to spot them , the difficulty is spotting people who aren’t chavs. There’s a brilliant chippy called Wi’bits ( which means chips come with bits -the bits which in other towns are thrown in the bin, but which in Mirfield are part of the little kids main diet.)

Some people think there are so many chavs in Mirfield because it is situated between a huge chemical works and an equally huge sewage works – so their brains may have been poisened at birth. However I think the problem may date back much longer than this.

There is a street in Mirfield called Cheviot ( Chaviot?) Way and I would be really pleased if someone would take a camera there to record their beautiful christmas all singing all illuminated decorations – definately the most chavvy sight anywhere this winter . The people there are generally getting on a bit – could this be the original site of chavs in the UK ? the good news is that the good folks of Chaviot Way seem ok – so perhaps in 30 years time Mirfield will be free of the curse of chavs – in the meantime , someone, please, take a camera to cheviot Way.

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